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Sonata for Cello is dedicated to Semyon Vekshtein for his support during the composition of this work

The Sonata for cello and piano began life as a brief adagio for violin and piano. I felt that it contained enough material to develop an entire sonata, but did not want to broach the form in the traditional fashion, nor felt ready to attack a piece for violin at that time. Out of this desire came the idea of a set of variations for cello and piano, with the theme only being stated in its entirety much later in the piece.

The entire form is basically a short exposition of two "themes", followed by seven variations. The entire form suggests the traditional sonata-form of a sonata-allegro, a scherzo, an adagio movement, and a recapitulating finale. The 6th variation is the initial source of all the thematic material for the sonata.

A cd of this sonata, as performed by Marianne Houle and Tan-Trao Phi, is available for purchase for $20 CDN plus shipping. Also on the disk are works for cello and piano by Alan Belkin and Philippe Levesque. For ordering information, please contact us by email.