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Professor Alan Belkin
Teacher at Université de Montréal, professor Belkin's website contains numerous papers on various subjects of interest to musicians, both amateur and professional, interested in perfecting their skills. You will also find recordings of his works here. Alan Belkin is among the greatest living Canadian composers, a craftsman like no other, and a man of integrity and strength, all of which come through in his music.

Composer Forum
The Compose Forum is an excellent place to find advice and get feedback on all things related to composition. With a membership that encompasses a wide range of styles, there is always a firm base of support for the amateur, as well as the more advanced composer on this forum.

MakeMusic (makers of Finale notation software)
Makers of Finale, one of the primary software packages for music creation on the market at this time, MakeMusic's website offers information on their various products, as well as a helpful database and a forum where users can seek help or answers to queries related to MakeMusic's various products on both PC and Mac platforms.

Garritan (makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra sample library)
Website of Gary Garritan, maker of the award winning sample library Garritan Personal Orchestra as well as Jazz and Big Band.

Ronald J. Brown, Canadian composer
The website of yet another fine Canadian composer, Ronald J. Brown.  Visit his website to discover a composer of wonderfully approachable music - both tonal and less-so.